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Maryland's Outside Connection

Maryland's Outside Connection Newsletter
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Newsletter - September 2008 - #1
Newsletter - June 2008
Maryland's Outside Connection Newsletter
Families Against Injustice
Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative
Maryland Congressional Black Caucus
Sample Letter for Inmates
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Maryland's Outside Connection Newsletter
Committed to Improving the Lives of those Impacted by the Maryland Prison System                       
June 16, 2008       Forward to a Friend                                                           
Stop the Prison Industrial Complex!
MARCH 11, 2009
Contact if you are interesteing in planning prisoner awareness events arount the state of Maryland. 


Return of Lifers to Work Release/
Parole for Lifers
Release of Terminally Ill Prisoners
State-Funded Transportation to Prisons
Increased Programming (education, mental health, life skills, job training etc.)
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Greetings to all, 
In the last few weeks there have been a number of events that have focused on the Maryland prison system.  At the national level, the STOPMAX campaign kicked-off with a strong showing of support calling for the end of torture and isolation in U.S. prisons.  At the local level, the Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative's Inauguaral Conference was a huge success and provided momentum into next year's legislative session.  From June 30th - July 4th, we encourage your participation in the 21st Century Tea Party, an letter writing campaign to elected officials encouraging prison reform.  Our campaign is targeted at the Governor of Maryland and the Legistlative Black Caucus of Maryland. 
It has to be a hot summer of action if we are to  move forward on a progressive agenda.
Pictured below are participants in the STOPMAX Regional (Maryland and Washington, DC) Strategic Planning MeetingMaryland Strategic Planning Meeting/STOPMAX Conference
21st Century Tea Party 
A C T I O N   A L E R T S  
Maryland joins the national effort of the 21st Century Tea Party.  So far, we have mailed nearly one thousand sample letters to those of the inside with instructions to pass the word on to as many as possible.  GET THE WORD TO THOSE INSIDE by clicking on the following link for a copy of the sample letter:
We ask those on the outside to email letters during the week of June 30-July 4, 2008 to the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland.  The message is essentially this:  FIGHT HARDER FOR OUR LOVED ONES IN THE NEXT LEGISLATIVE SESSION.  For the email addresses and sample letter, please click on the following link:
We MUST voice our support for the firing of the Correctional Officers this spring by affirming this action by writing both Governor Martin O'Malley and Secretary Gary D. Maynard.  Email the Governor at and the Secretary at
During this same week, we will be faxing our transportation campaign letters we have gathered over the last year to both the Governor and the Secretary.
Get Involved - Calendar of Events
NATIONWIDE CONFERENCE CALL FOR PRISON ACTIVIST - June 23 & 25, 2008.  Numerous prisoner advocates will be participating in teleconference calls on Monday, June 23, 2008 at 9:00 pm (EST) and Wednesday, June 25th, same time, in order to discuss an approach to addressing the prison abuses, deaths, mail tampering, destruction, deprivations and the writing up of unnecessary bogus misconduct to keep inmates in RHU/SHU status in American prisons.  The moderator will be Beverly Walters, MAPJEN.  These conference calls will be an opportunity for organizations nationwide to come together in unity to brainstorm and discuss the best approach to bringing these serious issues, which the U.S. local, state and federal government obviously refuses to address, to the International (World Court, Geneva Convention, U.N.) Sources.  The teleconference call will also be an opportunity to work with other activist who are working to address other non-related but serious issues of concern within America's penal system and its courts.  If you are interested in participating in the upcoming teleconference calls with advocates/activists across the country, please send a brief e-mail message to and you will be notified of the call in information three days prior to the teleconference calls.  
FAMILIES AGAINST INJUSTICE NEXT MEETING SET FOR FRIDAY, July 11, 2008:  Families against Injustice is a Baltimore-based organization and support group helping family members and loved ones of individuals who are incarcerated.  The group will hold its next monthly meeting on July 11, 2008 at Sojourner-Douglas College, located at 200 N. Central Avenue in Baltimore, MD at 6:00 pm.  Contact for more information. 
URBAN YOUTH INITIATIVE PROJECT INC. is having a STOP THE VIOLENCE:  SAVE OUR YOUTH block party on Saturday, July 12, from 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm. on the 2500 block of Shirley Ave. (off of Park Heights Ave- 21215.  This block party will be cultural, educational and fun.   There will be performers such as Brown F.I.S.H., Larry Lancaster, Ink-Flow, Black Root, Blizzard, Mama BeBe, Precise Science and speakers such as Imhotep Fatiu.  All interested vendors, please contact Sistah Dionna at 443-839-6926.  
JESSUP CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION PRESENTS THE INAUGURAL LEGAL AWARENESS SEMINAR:  The Editorial Staff of the Extra Legalese Newsletter cordially invites you to attend the Inaugural Legal Awareness Seminar to take place from July 14-17, 2008 from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm at the Jessup Correctional Institution.  Please RSVP to Sgt. Sonji Lynn, Volunteer Activities Coordinator at (410) 799-0100, Ext 6373 or 6374. 
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