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Sample Letter for Inmates
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Sample Letter for MRJI Campaign/Email Addresses

Sample Letter for Maryland Inmates 


Dear Maryland Inmate,


From June 30, 2008-July 4, 2008, Maryland’s Outside Connection is joining in on a national effort to write elected officials across the country about changes we want to see in the criminal justice/prison system.   We ask for your participation in this important campaign. 


Please copy the sample letter, fill in the blanks and mail it to Governor Martin O’Malley on June 30th (maybe a few days earlier because we know how prison mail is often held up).  To save on postage, you can use one stamp to mail letters from a number of inmates. 


We want a unified message on the inside and hope that you will stand with us as we continue to fight with you and for you.


We are also pleased with  Secretary Gary D. Maynard’s bold move in firing over 20 Correctional Officers in Western Maryland because of alleged abuses.  While we understand that the union is powerful, many of us who fight on the outside are union members too, and we urge our leadership to stand for justice.


You may also get your loved ones involved by emailing us at  Drop us a note at Maryland’s Outside Connection, P.O. Box 5462, Hyattsville, MD  20782 to let us know if you participated in the action.








Governor Martin J. O’Malley

State House

100 State Circle

 Annapolis, MD 21401 - 1925


Governor Martin O’Malley


I am an inmate incarcerated at the (Names of correctional facility) in (City/Town), Maryland.  I have (number of family members) who are registered voters in the State of Maryland.  So far, I have served (number) of years on a (number) sentence.


Along with thousands of people across the country who are participating in the 21 Century Tea Party Campaign, I am writing to encourage major prison reform in the State of Maryland.


I am asking that you consider the following to improve the Maryland criminal justice system:  1) reinstate work release and parole consideration for lifers; (2) release for terminally ill prisoners; (3) establishment of state-funded transportation for family and friends of prisoners; and (4) increased programming for prisoners (education, jobs, and drug treatment).


In the meantime, I look forward to working with my supporters on the outside to organize for major changes in the criminal justice system..





(Name, DOC Number, Address)