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Dear Legislative Black Caucus Member of Maryland:


This week I join thousands of concerned citizens of the United States in calling on our elected official to step up their efforts in fighting for prison reform across the county.  We need much more than rhetoric about issues surrounding the criminal justice system. 


As a member of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, you are considered a natural ally, but we need a renewed commitment that demonstrates your strong leadership ability.  As a registered voter of Maryland, I encourage you to fight harder and work more effectively with other members of the caucus to address issues surrounding the Maryland Prison/Criminal Justice system.


As a tax paying citizen and a registered voter in Maryland, I want you to consider the following points as you introduce and/or support bills during the next legislative session.


First of all, we must have competent legal representation for everyone charged with a crime.  There are thousands of innocent people who are incarcerated and their only crime was they could not afford a competent attorney.


Second, we need competent, timely and compassionate medical care for every inmate.  Healthy men and women are entering prison only to come out with permanent disabilities and illnesses that could have been prevented.  Mentally ill patients must also be treated by professionals, and terminally ill inmates should be released.


Third, there must be alternatives sentencing to re-direct drug offenders to rehabilitative alternatives, and the overuse of incarceration should end.  I want to see an end to mandatory minimum sentences.


Fourth, to end the sense of hopelessness and frustration within prisons that impacts all prisoners, we need parole reform that includes parole consideration for lifers and opportunities for work release.  There should be a re-entry process for every prisoner that increases their chance of a successful return to society.  Prior to an inmate’s release, there has to be education and job skill opportunities.


Lastly, strong family bonds must be supported during an individual’s incarceration.  We ask you to support state-funded transportation to prisons as well as video conferencing to help achieve this.


I am looking forward to a more successful legislative session in the coming year.






(Name and Address)


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