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Maryland's Outside Connection

Families Against Injustice
Phase II
Newsletter - September 2008 - #1
Newsletter - June 2008
Maryland's Outside Connection Newsletter
Families Against Injustice
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The Mission of Families against Injustice (FAI) is to provide a platform for families.  Giving families knowledge about the criminal justice system allowing them to be engaged, empowered and informed about Maryland prisons.

The Purpose of FAI is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the formerly incarcerated, their impacted families and concerned citizens to voice their concerns, anxieties and frustrations around the issues of incarceration.  This is done by holding monthly group meeting and inviting various guests from the area of criminal justice.

The Goals of FAI are to:

1.     Educate each family member about incarceration in Maryland prisons.

2.     Provide enrichment to instill pride and confidence in families and those incarcerated, formerly incarcerated.

3.     Direct everyone to the necessary services needed for the family and the offender or ex-offender.

4.     To encourage participation and discussion of issues relevant to substance abuse, re-entry and recidivism.

5.     Bring awareness to the DOC officials, politicians, and the public concerning issues of those incarcerated.

6.     Provide open dialogue for everyone.

7.     Create a learning environment for everyone.

8.     To help those that participate in the work of the organization understand the importance of the family, and the role they play in the re-entry process.  Then develop transformation strategies through group discussions.

9.     To help participants understand the Change Process where they fit on the continuum, and to help them evaluate and explore their life situations while developing strategies that create a positive direction in their lives.

Topics Covered

         Self awareness


         Prison Impact

         Family & Relationships

         Stress Management/ Anger Management

         Re-entry process



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